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RC Helicopter Trex 600 flight by StatiC


GPS on the iphone doesn't appear to be very accurate when flying. The track just doesn't look like what was done. It shows the flight going over some houses too which it never did. I can understand the starting point being off because it was on my porch when I started it.

Maximum Speed: 52 km/h
Maximum Altitude: 65 m
Total Time: 11 min, 1 sec
Total Distance: 2.2 km
Flight Date:
map controls

arrow Rotation, and 3D manoeuvring.
Alternatively, hold 'shift' when you click + drag the map

arrow Move forward/back/left/right.
Alternatively, click + drag the map

arrow Zoom in / out.
Alternatively, scroll your mouse wheel

Colour Flight path based on
Google Map Legend
Flight Detail
Normal (max. 1000 points)
High (max. 4000 points)
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gav - 19-November-2009
Not bad for our first RC saved flight. As you suspect, there may be some interference with the GPS happening within the model. Were continually working on ways to smooth the points, so Im sure the accuracy will improve soon :)

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