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How to Save your Flight

Firstly you need to start using GPS Logbooks on your phone! If you haven't already done so, download the app here, and start using it. Once you've made some tracks or flights, save them using the below instructions.

Remember, Flight data that is not saved will be removed after 60 days.

A. Go to the Save Flight page

Saving your flight

B. Choose an altitude mode

Change to 'Clamp to Ground' if you are showing a ground based activity, such as driving or walking. This will ensure the line will stay on the ground.

Altitude Mode

C. Move Marker

The time shown here is the marker's current position. Select the marker which you want to adjust the time for in the following step.

Move markers

D. Adjust the above Marker time

Select a marker you want to change the position for above, then click on these buttons to adjust the time accordingly. You can be very precise here. Once you have both markers in the exact position you're wanting, you can move on to the next step.

Markers Moved
Adjust Time

E. Adjust the Angle and Zoom

Zoom in/out and adjust the heading and angle to a suitable position. When you save your flight, it will look exactly how it looks on your screen.

Finished flight

Click 'Next' when done.

Adjust Time

F. Add a Title and Description

Name your flight, add a description, and select a category.

Also choose an icon that best suits your flight. If you selected 'Clamp to Ground' on the previous page, only ground based icons will be shown.

Click 'Save' when done.

GPS Flight Title