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About GPS Logbooks

GPS Logbooks has been designed to give pilots, passengers and anyone else who slips the surly bonds of Earth in any way, a means to record, share and learn from what it is that they are doing.

I am a pilot and the only record I have of my first solo are my (distant) memories and the entry in my log book. GPS Logbooks is the program I would have used to record that momentous moment had it been around when I first went solo.

GPS Logbooks has been designed so that people can watch a flight in realtime, either from a phone or the website; and flights can be published, for later review. It provides some of the basic features of a Black Box for pilots, giving altitude, heading and speed. We plan to increase the number of parameters that we can provide about each flight soon.

We hope to build upon our initial offering with more features, more phones supported and more ways to share our flights.

So please download the application and go out and fly, glide, pilot model aircraft or rockets, skydive, hang glide or abseil, and make an entry in your GPS Logbook.

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